Newly Diagnosed

First and foremost–YOU ARE OK

Hearing the words that you have just tested positive for HIV is not the same as being told that you have a cold.  To not immediately start going through an emotional rollercoaster would be very unusual. That is only natural but it is OK.  On a positive note, you are fortunate and know that your are now living with HIV, that’s better than nearly 20% of the population that doesn’t know, and are not in a position to empower their lives.

One of the most difficult parts of this new journey is ‘where do I turn to for accurate information?’  GCAP has noticed over the last several years that there just are not that many good resources for you, someone who many know little or nothing about the disease.  Below is a link to the CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange).

It is our belief that CATIE offers the very best information possible, in a way that is easily readable and represents what is like living with HIV today….not in 1993.

 Just diagnosed–what I need to know