2021 Holiday Luncheon fundraiser

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Join you friend from GCAP for 2021’s  Holiday Luncheon fundraiser at Biaggi’s on Sunday December 5th.

We missed everyone last year so we are even more excited than usual to have the opportunity to gather together . Enjoy a good lunch with friends and hear about where GCAP is in 2021. Also hear about all the thing that are planned in 2022.

Ticket this year will be $75. You can go to EventBrite  to purchase tickets for the luncheon or make donations (use the tickets button to reach the donation page).



In 1985, members of the gay community founded the Gay Community AIDS Project (GCAP) in response to the pandemic that was beginning to spread into central Illinois. In the decades following our original response to the AIDS crisis, we have witnessed tremendous change. We can now receive test results in minutes rather than weeks, and what was once an unquestionably terminal illness is now managed as a chronic condition. Many of these changes are due to advances in effective medications; regimens that were once prescribed with restrictions and known toxicities have been replaced with once-daily pills. .

Advances in prevention have also transformed our prospects. PreExposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a once-daily pill that prevents the contraction of HIV, and a more nuanced understanding of transmissibility has led to the knowledge that undetectable levels of virus in the bloodstream obtained with adherence to medication means that the virus is rendered untransmittable  to others (U=U).


The Greater Community AIDS Project works to hold true to what the founders envisioned, helping to empower those living with HIV/AIDS, and providing education to our community. Your support enables us to provide emergency assistance to our clients, continue Champaign House (our temporary housing program), sustain our food pantry, and manage numerous educational and archival projects .


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